Slack to Teams at A Glance



Keep your channels in check by structuring them around projects, departments and more

Migration Mapping

Map Slack channels to Microsoft Teams

MS Teams

Corral chat, notes, meetings, documents, etc. in one central place, organized by project, department and more

Messages & Files

Send private messages directly to a teammate or communicate straight in channels

Send direct messages and communicate in channels

Communication in Slack happens through messages in channels

Migrate Slack channel messages as Teams Channel Conversations including replies and emojis, Documents shared in channel are sent to a document library. Slack channel messages can also be converted as HTML

MS Teams has the same feature and functionality


Drop your file directly in a channel, OneDrive not supported

Files sent to SharePoint library

Drop documents into channel and utilize SharePoint to store and share discretely

Slack does not support OneDrive

Files and indirect messages uploaded in OneDrive and shared securely